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Our amazing team of passionate, talented bakers at New India Bakery The Cake Shop have dedicated their lives to making spirits, and dough rise. From rye bread to focaccia, cakes to brownies – whatever you require, our bakery will be able to provide. We can cater for everything from families to businesses – so whether you're a large hotel chain looking for a reliable and consistent baked good provider, or a family looking for quality bread and cakes for your growing brood – pop in to our shop in the local area or contact us through our booking form and talk to us today.

Our Bakery and the Local Community

We are proud to contribute to the local community, providing fresh bread and savouries for local families and workers. What can be more important than toast in the morning, or a good sandwich at lunch? We can also supply bread to other local businesses, helping to create mutually prosperous relationships in the area. If you are a business owner in the local community who is interested in our services, pop in for a chat or get in touch to see how we can help.

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